Our Services

Feasiblity Report

All sites are distinct, largely dictated by their environmental conditions. Each site, therefore, needs to be evaluated in context of their environment to establish feasibility. Yellow undertakes comprehensive assessments of sites to advise all related stakeholders on the most prudent way forward.

Detailed Project Report

Several factors such as typology of water body, existing ecosystem services, site feasibility, economic viability inter alia determine the most expedient design of the FSPV plant. Yellow undertakes a detailed study of the existing conditions juxtaposed with the expected outcomes and impacts, thereby designing a sustainable solution that is viable, efficient and environmentally benign.

Bathymetric and Hydrographic Study.

Yellow undertakes the study of physical features of the reservoir that would affect placement, construction, anchoring and mooring of the FSPV power plant. A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is envisaged as the output along with a study of the reservoir bed characteristics.

Project Design

Based on the inputs received from site feasibility, DPR and hydrographic study Yellow undertakes a comprehensive design of the FSPV power plant which define the placement, anchoring and mooring design, project layout, feasible evacuation inter alia.

Manufacture & Supply of Flotation Devices

Yellow manufactures a troupe of technologies in house. These technologies while delivering superior quality with guaranteed unsinkablity are designed to withstand the worst conditions while providing maximum value in terms of energy yield and evaporation control.

Installation and commissioning.

Yellow has an expert team for installation and commissioning of FSPV projects that includes marine divers, naval architects amongst others. We oversee a smooth installation with minimum surprises and oversight.

Operation and maintenance

he suite of technologies manufactured by Yellow requires very little operation and maintenance as they are built to sustain. We, however, support our partners with any operational issues through long-term O&M contracts.